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What is Baby Signing?

baby Baby signing is about good communication between you and your baby. sad

It's an excellent way to communicate “two-way“. From around 6 months old, babies can understand you and they are having plenty of thoughts of their own BUT they can't tell you what those thoughts are and that's frustrating!


The good news is your baby is developing their hand co-ordination want and can learn many signs to communicate their message to you.

good Signing bridges the ‘I know what I want but can't say it yet’ gap.

In short it gives your child a temporary tool for the job until speech comes along and this is a great relief for a frustrated baby and frazzled parents!


The signs can easily be fitted in your normal routine. say There is no need to set separate time aside to teach your child. They will pick up the signs as you sign and speak to them. happy
Signing babies can lead conversations and introduce topics to ‘talk’ about. They can communicate and be satisfied before crying is even a possibility.


You get an early insight into their thoughts and because there's more interaction and understanding, the bond between you strengthens.

love As your child starts to speak more they will sign less but the benefits of signing with your baby continue long after the baby

well done years - signing babies have been shown to go on to speak earlier, have wider vocabularies and even higher IQ's than non-signing babies in general.